Chapter 5…..Danger!! copyright 2015 BooksByBone Tiffany Bone


Was it your smile, was it your voice, or was it the look in your eyes

You captured me with just one glance, I couldn’t break your stare

My pulse quickens, my heart beats , no one else is there

Just you and me in this space and time undisturbed by her glare


No matter how she tried, Caitlyn couldn’t seem to snap out of the trance-like state she found herself in as she stared into the eyes of what had to be the sexiest man she had ever encountered.  The only way she knew she wasn’t dreaming was the adrenalin rush, caused by the chemistry generated by his touch coupled with the threat of danger over his shoulder.  The fight or flight rush was overwhelming, and though she knew she had done nothing wrong…yet, Caitlyn grasped the fact that girlfriend was about to explode if she didn’t somehow force herself away from Jay.  But for the life of her, she couldn’t stop staring at him.  She could have sworn she even licked her lips a couple of times, but prayed that she didn’t.  The brother looked good enough to eat!

“Hey Bae!!  I was beginning to think you had fallen in back there, you been gone so long!”    Bob grinned, apparently amused at the situation before him.

Well, Thank Bob!!! Caitlyn didn’t even have to break her gaze to know it was him. No one else but Bob would be crass enough to bust her out like that!

She knew she should have been thankful to Bob for interrupting at just the right time, especially since a few more moments in Jay’s arms could have proven disastrous in more ways than one; but for the life of her she just couldn’t be happy about it.

“I’m so sorry for bumping into you like that; I guess I wasn’t paying attention.”  Caitlyn finally said, as she reluctantly removed herself from his grasp.

“No problem.”  Jay responded, never breaking eye contact.

“A hem…”  Bob exaggeratedly cleared his throat.  “I was just coming to find you.”  Caitlyn said a little louder than necessary, pretending to shout over the music, as she grabbed Bob by the arm and headed in the opposite direction of the increasingly tense danger zone caused by the glaring hatred of Jay’s significant other.

“Whew!  That was uncomfortable!”  Caitlyn sighed under her breath to Bob.

“Yeah!  I noticed…”  Bob whispered casting a sideways glance towards the couple who had taken arguing to a whole new level by this point.  “You can thank me later, but in the mean time do you mind filling a brother in on what was going on back there?”

“I wish I knew.”  Caitlyn sighed wistfully  “I wish I knew.”

“Oh, so it’s like that, is it?”  Bob stopped walking with her and asked.

“Yeah, it’s like that.  Now get all up out of my Kool-Aide and lets go get an adult drink!”

“You lucky I like Yo’ Ass or I would have just stood back and let the games begin.  Liven this place up a bit with a good ole’ fashioned girl fight and all.  But noooooo, gentleman that I am, I leave my new found freak to try to help a friend in need and what do I get?  IGNORED!!  I’m going back over here to the harem!  Get your own drink! And the next time you are on your own!    Dueces!”  And with that, he strutted his way back across the crowded living room to the corner bar where his harem was posted, leaving Caitlyn alone in the middle of the makeshift dance floor wondering what on earth had just happened.

Her awkward embarrassment at being left alone in the middle of the crowded dance floor didn’t last long, however.  Any attention she might have attracted was redirected to the commotion near the bathroom hallway where Jay was on the receiving end of his fiancé’s wrath.

It was the slap felt around the world— or maybe it was the “LYING, CHEATING, BASTARD!” screamed over the music that was no longer loud due to a fade out from one song to the other that caused the entire section of the room to turn and witness the assault.   Amid a chorus of “DAAAUUUMs!!, “OOOOOOs” and “Oh Snaps!”  Jay was left rubbing his jaw and fuming as his attacker stormed off pushing her way through the crowd towards the exit leaving a trail of expletives in her wake.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 5…..Danger!! copyright 2015 BooksByBone Tiffany Bone

  1. You were right very short but at least some of the party details were told. I liked it. Does Caitlyn run to Jay’s rescue? Does Jay stay at the party? Does he go after his girlfriend? What da what is up with Bob?


  2. Like the way the chapter flowed. Yes, it was short, but it is leading up to the relationship we all wanted to know about. Keep it coming.


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