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Tomorrow, Tomorrow….I Love you Tomorrow…

Chapter 1 is only a day away!!  I hope you are anxiously awaiting the release!  Remember, tomorrow you will need to:

1.  Go to the Menu Tab and Read the Intro Poem

2.  Read Chapter 1 “I Got Your Back!”

3.  Complete the Poll and leave a comment critiquing the chapter.


Read, Relax, Reblog!!!


Day 5 Disclaimer…The Countdown Continues….

The countdown is now at day 5!! In a few more days chapter 1 will arrive. Heads up–this is not a children’s book or tame! If you don’t like things racy or a little profane–This book is not for you!!! A little like Nora Roberts or 15 (not 50) Shades of Gray–purely entertainment for adults–not child’s play!! Please Like and Share this post and remember to like my Facebook page and website or put it on Twitter!!!